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Imagine - when you get cooking with the complete line of Summer Kitchen ingredients - you'll be experiencing 5 Star tastes your family will be asking for over and over. Encore, chef!

Putting New Passion Into Your Cooking

That's what we're helping you do. Reclaim the passion, experience the tastes. The Summer-Kitchen vision is to create distinctive, healthy ingredients that transform your home cooking into that of a 5 Star restaurant without leaving your kitchen. You're going to fall in love again with old favourites simply by adding Summer-Kitchen' products..

Mary Fabiano, Chef

Summer-Kitchen is a 15 year young company with a vibrant outlook and positive philosophy, headed and managed by award-winning chef Mary Fabiano. The company had its colourful origins in the mid90's. Upon acquiring control a few years later, Mary launched Summer Kitchen's initial signature products. Among them were the Sweet Horseradish and Banana Patch Jam. Fourteen years and 30 products later, she is still going strong developing and testing new products for flavour savvy consumers.

Get 5 Star Tastes From The Highest Quality Ingredients

Every Summer Kitchen product has been crafted in our 'boutique' manufactory, located just outside of Toronto, using Mary's proprietary recipes. Only the very best ingredients are selected for each Summer-Kitchen recipe, assuring you of quality cooking enhancers you’ll be proud to serve.

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In 1996, at the International Fancy Food and Confectionary Show, Summer-Kitchen introduced its unusual Amorizia Horseradish Spread (recently renamed Sweet Horseradish Spread). It was selected 1st runner-up in the Savoury Condiment, Cooking Enhancement or Spice category.

Later that same year, Summer Kitchen's Banana Patch Jam was 1st runner-up for the Sweet Condiment and Enhancer category for the "People's Pick" at the Toronto's Good Food Festival and Market. But even before these illustrious awards, and shortly after the transferring of the reigns, Summer Kitchen's participation in its' very first trade show bought sign of what was yet to come. At the Toronto Gift Show; Summer Kitchen was honoured with Best Specialty Food Design at the Second Ontario Creative Art Show. Although time lapsed between competition, the accolade's that followed made the industry take notice of Summer Kitchen. In February of 2006, Mary successfully competed and won the "Best in Show" for a Pear Walnut and Marsala Wine Desert Sauce developed for the California Walnut Growers. She received honours and a grand prize of $10, 000 at the Canadian International Food and Beverage Show. In 2007 and 2008, a second place prize was awarded in the Savory Category for the Porcini Mushroom and Walnut Ravioli with Burnt Sage Butter; and in the Snack Category for the Walnut Crispini Crackers.

"If the word 'refined' has a taste, it is sure to be any food prepared by Mary Fabiano. Summer Kitchen and Mary Fabiano are devoted to bringing you the biggest flavours with minimal effort. They provide natural tastes that guarantee to please even the stiffest palate"

Summer Kitchen all natural products are featured in such publications as: Homemakers, The Globe and Mail, Sun Media, Chatelaine, Style at Home and many more trade publications.


The Taste of "Real" Food

Toronto (ON), August 04/08 – Mary Fabiano has reinvented the Summer Kitchen brand to appeal to the fickle tastes of the sophisticated consumers. New and unique packaging is set to captivate Canadian shoppers with an uber urban chic label. Summer Kitchen’s hallmark, distinctive and creative blends of big, bold and beautiful flavours remains the draw that will have these sophisticated shoppers, coming back, time and time again.

At a recent celebrity chef breakfast hosted by the Toronto Sun’s Rita Demontis for infamous chef extraordinaire, Gordon Ramsay, Summer Kitchen's "line of incredibly delicious preserves (Sweet Horseradish, Pear Ginger Jelly, and Blueberry Vanilla Jam) were featured along side freshly-made organic ricotta cheese and Canadian Pacific ocean salmon which seemed to please Ramsay quite a bit, as he kept going back for more."

Mary Fabiano, a well-known Toronto food artisan, has provided flavour connoisseurs with such delights as Sweet Horseradish Spread, condiments such as Caramelized Onions and exotic sauces with names like Oishii Miso Sauce under her Summer Kitchen label. According to Mary, "Summer Kitchen's flavours are not shy, or coy, just deliciously tasty and satisfying. What I set out to do was to create products that allowed the consumer to replicate the tastes and flavours of a great restaurant meal at home in minutes and with minimum fuss."

Continuing to pay tribute to the tradition of preserving, Summer Kitchen has chosen not to be defined by trends. Instead, it continues to be true to its vision, of, producing quality products using the purest and simplest ingredients in creating an extraordinary product line full of flavour, imagination and heart that everyone would enjoy.

Since its inception in 1996, Summer Kitchen has been known for its creative and flavourful temptations. The Company has received several accolades under the direction of Mary Fabiano at the International Summer Fancv Food and Confectionary Show, the Toronto Good Food Festival and at the Canadian International Food and Beverage Show. In 2007, Summer Kitchen launched its best look to date. Summer kitchen products are available through Sobey’s Urban Market’s and specialty food shops across the country. Products can also be ordered directly by calling 416 621 8641 or visiting www.summer-kitchen.com.

A small step to Big Flavour begins with the purchase of a delectable Summer Kitchen product.

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Mary Fabiano (mary@summer-kitchen.com)


Call, Order, Indulge – Local Divine Decadence Served Up Green is yours!

Toronto (ON), October 2008 – Summer Kitchen saves the holiday season by launching a limited number of its award winning Pear Marsala Wine Sauce. The most "grown-up" of sauces, it offers rich fruity notes with an ever so slight bite. Ideal to use as a marinade for salmon, poultry, and wild game, or as a glaze to vegetables. The "piece de resistance" however, comes in the way of a finishing sauce for creamy cheeses!

It is only now that Mary Fabiano is prepared to introduce Pear Marsala Wine Sauce to the market. Now more than ever, people want an indulgent food item to lift the spirit. Mary shares the recipe that won her a $10,000 cash prize at the 2006 Canadian Food and Beverage Show for a warm Brie served with caramelized pears, walnuts and the Pear Marsala Wine Sauce. Worthy of such honours then, Mary believes that uncertain times now warrant sharing this wonderful sauce with family and friends.

Summer Kitchen has conscientiously chosen a biodegradable gift box made of recycled materials. All its packaging components from box to filler to bow are recyclable and, more importantly, reusable.

The gift-packed Pear Marsala Wine Sauce is reasonably priced at $14.99 complete with a recipe tag and fresh walnuts. The gift box is only available at Summer Kitchen's annual warehouse sale or by calling to order. Individual bottles are also available at a price of $9.99 at selected specialty stores in the Toronto Area.

Summer Kitchen has come to be known among "the dare to be different" crowd. Learn more at www.summer-kitchen.com

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Mary Fabiano (mary@summer-kitchen.com)


What a Difference a Chef Makes! …

Toronto (ON), January 2009 – The proof is in the taste! In a time when new food products hit the stores shelves on a daily basis, it is helpful to know not all condiments are created equal. Summer Kitchen's hallmark, distinctive and sophisticated flavours with clean, bold notes help to flush out the imposters.

The Summer Kitchen line of 27 exceptional products was developed with the same fastidious standards which Mary Fabiano carried over from her days as a chef in some of the best food establishments in Italy, France and Canada. Summer Kitchen products imbued those standards: quality sauces at affordable prices.

"Analysts believe a structural shift is taking place. Long view factors are that women's participation in the workforce is flattening and as boomers age and incomes fall, so will their appetite for dining out".
Financial Post 01/016/09

But Summer Kitchen steps in and helps replicate the tastes and flavours of great restaurant meals at home in minutes and with minimum fuss. Summer Kitchen products' timeless flavours can easily be incorporated into an elegant meal, cooked in the comfort of your own home.

This winter, join us at local LCBO locations so we can demonstrate to you the simplicity of using Summer Kitchen products:

  • Reverse Corn and Crab Cake
  • Beer Steamed Mussels with Pancetta and Onion Salsa with Lime and Coriander
  • Lamb Loin Stuffed with Caramelized Onions and Cherry Port Sauce
  • Baked Forelle Pears with Marscapone Chantilly Cream

Start a new trend: Dine In with Summer Kitchen!

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Mary Fabiano (mary@summer-kitchen.com)


You Can't Fake Spice Appeal! Summer Kitchen turns it ON!

Toronto (ON), October 31/09 – Summer Kitchen turns on its spice appeal, flirts with flavour and conquers with 3 new products – Ole Chilean Hot Pepper Sauce, Twisted Tarragon Spice Mix, and Canadian Maple Spice Mix. All 3 are packed with distinctive personality - Canadian Maple, pure and sweet, Twisted Tarragon, herbaceous and gutsy and, Ole Chilean Hot Pepper Sauce, fresh and fiery.

Mary Fabiano, Summer Kitchen's alchemist, works her magic using pure, natural and simple ingredients to impart the "big, bold, and addictive" flavour she has become known for. She starts with an enticing aroma, follows with ease of use, and finishes this sensory experience with tastes that titillates. For a flavourful rub "du jour", go to the kitchen, begin mixing equal amounts of spice mix, wine and oil of choice and infuse your dishes with flavour.

If a fiery accouterment is something you desire, then indulge in the new Ole Chilean Hot Pepper Sauce. Like an Argentinean chimichurri, this versatile salsa with its origins in Chile is a wonderful addition to any dish. Marinate shrimp, chicken and meat, add it to soups and stews, top an omelette or sandwich or pair it with rice or pasta.

Simone Beck, a Normandy born chef was once quoted as saying: "Eating something well conceived and well made is one of life's very great pleasures." Summer Kitchen has fulfilled its duties providing you with the "well conceived". Now your part is to put something of yourself into the mix and create your own "great pleasures".

Like the universe, the world of Summer Kitchen flavours is ever expanding. We invite you to join us on this journey.

Media Contact
Mary Fabiano (mary@summer-kitchen.com)

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